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Hi, we are looking for employees in a supermarket in Canada.
• whatsapp contact: +1 (618) 471-2768

I am Cameroonian and I live in Canada with my family.
my husband has just opened a new supermaché, we are looking
More than 70 staff aged 20 to 55 and minimum CEP, BEPC, BAC.Poste available: salesman, security, cleaner, deliveryman, electrician, mechanic, plumber and competable with a salary of $ 1200 every 2 weeks and we We will take in your transportation, Visa, Your accommodation and we will keep 30% of your salary and you 70% for 1 year to balance our expenses and you will incur expenses Certifications of your documents which will cost you: $ 67 = 36764fcfa .
contact us by whatsapp if interested in the offer: +1 (618) 471-2768

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